Campsite at the Zeeland coast

Contact - Opening hours

Camping Agri-Nova
Family Padmos
Kooijmansweg 8
4326 CT Noordwelle (Renesse)
The Netherlands (Holland)

Phone: 0031-111-461304


Open from 29 March until 11 October 2024
Reception hours from 9:00 hr until 17:00 hr (CET)
Afternoon break from 12:00 hr until 13:00 hr (CET)
Limited opening hours on Sundays until 15:00 hr (CET)

Dogs are not allowed  Dogs are not allowed

Camping Agri-Nova


Familie Padmos
Kooijmansweg 8
NL-4326 CT Noordwelle

T: 0031 111 461 304

Camping Agri-Nova